Mercedes-Benz S 600 L
W 222 gepanzert, armored B6

Limousine | brandnew
petrol | 390 kW (530 PS) | Automatic

Engine V12, 5980 cc, 5 seats, available 3 month after order (depending on the availability oft the basic car). Blended in Level B 6 (VIP), norm EN 1063 
Protection details: Floor: protected against granates DM 51 and fragmentation of landmines.
Windows: ca. 44 mm. Intercommuication device: to communicate with outside in case of emergency
There are also flash-lamps in the front and rear.
Run flat system of the tires, they do run up to 30 km/h, if they are broken. Complete Limousine with regular configuration of the basic car. Time of delivery depends on the availability of the basic vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz W222

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